Quote Quote Quote Quote Hi Lisa My husband works with Aaron. Aaron's success has inspired us to join your program. Other than being obese and having a fatty liver I have not had too much wrong with me. My start weight was 115.3 kg and I am now in week 5 and at 103.8 kg. I am a blood donor and I have always been on the edge of being eligible to donate, because of my iron being too low (borderline anaemic). Previously my husband would load me up with red meat to make sure I was at the level I needed to be. Normal range is 115 - 116 g/L. Previously I have been about 119 - 128 g/L with the excessive amount of red meat intake. This time I stuck with the program and I measured at 139 g/L which is the best I have been. I am sure I have the super juice to thank for this. Also I never have been eligible for plasma donation because my veins aren't good enough. Turns out with my weight loss to date and the level of water I now drink regularly replacing coffee and diet soft drink, I am now eligible to be a plasma donor. My husband's has not lost as much however he has not been able to move too much he is currently suffering from Erythema Nodosum. So 4 courses of antibiotics and with a course of steroids he seems to be on the mend. I know that we have not been as diligent with the exercise but we will be. The weight loss is making a difference on the knees and our ability to move so we will make sure we get on track with that. We are thinking that after the 10 weeks we will go K1 again. Hopefully by then he is well enough we can do everything properly and get where we need to be. My ultimate goal is to be around 70 kg and with Jeremy we just hope he is no longer a Type II diabetic. I know that this is a long winded message however I just wanted to say that it has been great so far, thanks for the program we are finding it an easy lifestyle change. We are really motivated to continue and look forward to continued good news.

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