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So, here I am - I am not the sort of person who would normally send a message!! I was always able to easily maintain a weight of 62kgs, but after my second child (16 years ago!!) my weight went up to 67kgs and although I did once manage to lose it, it crept on again pretty quickly. I never felt comfortable as all my weight seemed to sit on my tummy. In June we went back to South Africa and just prior to that my weight went up over 70kgs.

Peri-menopausal?? Who knows but I was not happy. Then 5 weeks of constant eating out and drinking the best SA wines, I came back at 73.4kgs!! Not good!! Anyway I had enquired and decided to go on your programme on my return and I was pretty damned determined!

Well 10 weeks later and I had lost 9kgs and over 65cms!! That was at the end of September. I am petrified of putting it back on but have tried to stick to the basic prInciples of your eating and exercise plan and it must be working, as since then I've been away on a 4 night ladies trip to Melbourne, and twice down to Byron on holiday and I jumped on the scales the other day and am now down to 62.3 kgs - 11 kgs - GONSKI!!!! I changed a few things I really didn't like, but never ever denied myself and never felt hungry.
Once the silly season is over I think I'll probs do the K2 programme as now I want to try and tone up more. Thanks sooo much for your programme!! One of my friends asked me the other day if I've had to buy a new wardrobe of clothes, and even though I have bought some new things I love walking around in my old ultra baggy clothes so I can see just how many cms I've lost. Have got some before and after photos but unfortunately took them in some really daggy underwear so not too keen to share!!!
Am happy for you to quote from this!! 

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