Quote Quote Quote Quote Hi Lisa .. you probably wont even get this message (but didnt want to write all this in open forum) .. lol .. but just wanted to say you rock and I loved the segment on ACA .. you come across so beautiful and sincere and happy I even shed a tear .. I have loved you from when you were a teenager swimming for our country and have followed your career ever since. I am now an overweight 55 year old and still love you and what you do
I would love to do a program like yours but I put a few obstacles in my way (its my head that does me in) I am shift worker, at the moment I am on months of very early mornings ranging from getting up anywhere from 1am -4am depending on what time I am rostered on that day .. I work for the railways (in Sydney) and so I struggle of what to have for breakfast at that hour other than whipping up a smoothie because cooking eggs etc at 2am I would just find impossible as I get minimum sleep as it is ... another thing is I do not have access to a fridge once I sign on and get on my train and then I work for up to 9.5 hrs with a meal break at some location. Would your programs food cater for this kind of work? I worry I would join and then give in like everything else because I find I struggle so much being tired from lack of sleep because I am still up at 9pm even though I would have to get up at 1am. Also does you problem require fast internet access to view things because I only have dial up (sad I know but broadband is just not possible at the moment) so do you put out like motivational videos etc to watch because I wouldnt be able to watch those on dial up and I dont have a printer at the moment mine died and funds are tight right now but I could possibly get one of those in the New Year if its required to print out the recipes and program.
The reason I need to do something like your program is the fact that I have type 2 diabetes and high BP on tablets for both and because I work in a safety critical working job I have to have yearly medicals and they hammer me for my diabetes. My doctor wants me to lose weight desperately and my job is bringing in the BMI and being just shy of 100kgs and 164cms tall puts me almost in morbidly obese range and I will be taken off my job at my next medical if I cant lose a few kgs. I just get so depressed and sit here sometimes and cry esecially when I look at the awesome transformations with your program and think that it would be impossible for me to do it as I fail at everything I have attempted after a few weeks my head and cravings do me in .. funds are tight for me so I dont want to commit and see it go the way of everything thing else I try even though I really really do want to shift this weight ... its just getting me down, I am losing feeling in my feet because of my diabetes and kind of scared I might have to have a toe amputated if I cant get things under control and I also want to be around to see my gorgeous 6yr old grandchild grow up
Do you have any cook books that you have put out or are you going to put any out in the future ... and would you ever write a weight loss book?
Anyway sorry for rambling on .. I love it that you are helping so many people. I live in Sydney maybe I will get to meet you one day somewhere but meanwhile I will still try to get inspiration from you FB sites

Keep up the great work Lisa you are awesome and thanks for listening

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