Lisa's Weight Loss Story

Over the years, I had been able to control my weight by constantly training and racing. I swam for 23 years and, paddled outriggers, surf boats and kayaks for 20 years. I was always considered “strong”, “solid” and “muscular”….terms that I learnt to live with. There had been only a couple of times in the past 15 years that I was under 70kg. So I basically could train to compete, eat and drink whatever I wanted to and fluctuate between 70 and 74kgs. I could always tell when I was in “better” shape  - not by the scales, but from my favorite pair of jeans. I realized a few times that jeans can only stretch so far, so when the button was difficult to do up, I’d be good for a while and lose just enough to stay in my favourites.

My heart problem in 2008, changed my life dramatically. I no longer was able to paddle out to sea and come back 3 hours later – in case something happened. I always thought what a waste it would be to end up losing my life out at sea, in a place where I was very familiar - the water.  So after many tears and a realization that my solo paddling career was all but over, I gradually stopping going out to sea on my own. Training and competing gave me a reason to exercise, and being in the ocean was a great stress reliever for me, but now that reason was gone and my mornings were spent sleeping in.

Because I didn’t have to get up early, I’d stay up later at night. I would go for a walk every now and then, and stand up paddle when the water was glassy and went to the gym once in a blue moon – nothing was consistent enough to maintain my weight.  Having a new man in my life too, I found something else to keep me occupied and I was loving every minute of it. Of course, wine o’clock would come around each afternoon with a few glasses of wine, with chips, dips and crackers. I’m a real lover of savory food, not sweets, and had no problem enjoying a lot of it. So I was living a comfortable life, with different hours, and my jeans were getting a little tighter by the week. No worries, I thought, I’ll just buy a couple of loose tops and dresses and cover what I didn’t like. This went on for years and then in late 2011, I was asked if I wanted to be on the reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice.

The show was lots of fun, long hours, stressful at times, and with travelling and living in hotels for a month, the buffet breakfasts, TV catering, room service at midnight and plenty of bottles of wine laughing about the days episodes with Pauling Hanson, Deni Hines and Julia Morris  …. Well, I may have enjoyed myself a little too much. I knew I was eating and drinking too much, but without any time or any energy to exercise after filming all day, my waist line was getting larger.

It’s funny how I KNOW how that happens and what the consequences are, but at the time, I wasn’t prepared to stop eating. When you are tired and stressed, it’s too easy to eat and drink too much of the wrong things. Standing next to Jacinta Campbell one day, I felt like such an oompa loompa! But it was too late to make dramatic changes then, so I thought I’d just wait until I got fired and then resume some normality!

I arrived home from Sydney and unpacked all my clothes, most of which I didn’t wear because they didn’t fit… and went to my favourite Mexican restaurant and had my favourite meal.
In the morning when I woke up, I looked at myself in the mirror, and then stood on the scales…OMG, I was 77.1 kgs – the heaviest I had ever been. (I was 74kgs when I was 9 months pregnant with my son who was a 10lb 3 oz baby!!!) I was so angry that I let myself get to that point.

About a month later, I visited my dad. He greeted me with open arms and said “Lisa I’m worried about you - you looked a bit fat on TV…” Hmmmm, I knew he was right. TV makes you look bigger anyway, and as I sat watching the show, I was so embarrassed. Reality check!!

I started eating better, and started walking each day, and took off a couple of kilos, but not enough to really show a difference. I wondered why it is so easy to maintain a “heavy” weight when you eat pretty much anything and do some sort of random exercise, and then you start eating better and exercising, and barely take off a kilo! It makes you feel like nothing works. Surely I can do this?
People started telling me it was because of my age…that I should just accept it and embrace it. No, no, no… I wasn’t going to buy that, I know what works, I just wasn’t prepared to do what it took to get results. I was being inconsistent and lazy.

I cleaned out my fridge and filled it with good clean food, started back outrigger training a couple of times a week, and was getting beaten by people who had never been faster than me ever! Not a great feeling – but I’d experienced all that before when I made 2 comebacks…starting back at square 1 is hard. I know what it took and I knew that I just had to knuckle down and do it.

I tried interesting and varied diets, and took off 5 kgs.  End of year Christmas parties, camping trips with friends, kids birthdays, Christmas, New Year….more wine, more chips, more dips…. Grrrr.

Where had Lisa gone? Where was the dedicated, committed athlete? I was an Olympian in decline with a mono body, as my friend would joke with me!

I decided to run a New Year 8 week bootcamp – everyone needs a bit of a boost at this time of the year. What a difference it makes when you have to be accountable to people! I had to be a good role model for them too and practice what I preach. At the same time, I contacted my Personal Trainer and asked her if she had any space to fit me in. You may wonder why I need a personal trainer when I am one? Well, for me it’s about being accountable to someone each session and week, like my clients are accountable to me.

I started getting results, slooooowly. I was very good during the week, then on Friday afternoons, I’d relax with a glass of wine, then maybe go out for dinner.  A night out with friends on Saturday night…more food, more wine. Weekends were fun and with a few more random meals out… I’d decide on Monday morning to “be good” again. I’d make good progress during the week, then undo it all on the weekends – so I really wasn’t making very good progress. One day I decided to try and be good on the weekend as well, which socially, is hard to do.

But I did it, I was good, and I felt light and energized on Monday morning. I was good all week, and was good again the next weekend…. Captain Obvious moment… when you are consistent in anything you do – you get results!!

October 2011, I was my heaviest ever at 77.1 kg.
April 2012 , I’m 64.5 kg and love it!! I never thought I could even be this weight again… I was 59kg at the Olympics so I thought anything near that would be impossible.
Instead of buying loose kaftans, I’m back into my favourite jeans, although there is a little room in them now. ☺

Over many, many years, I’ve learnt so much about myself, my thoughts, my food, my reasons for eating and my exercise.

Now I’m 50, I’ve proved to myself that a chubby tummy isn’t just menopausal or because you are getting older, it’s because I ate too much of the wrong foods and didn’t exercise consistently.

I don’t train anywhere near what I used to. Swimming training was up to 8 – 10 times a week. Paddling was 5 - 9 times a week. Now I train 4 – 5 times a week, but I’m very careful with how much I put in that hole in my face – my mouth!!

I am now going to share with you things I’ve learnt, mistakes I’ve made and tools to deal with it.

Enjoy being part of the Lisa Curry KiSS Club –regain your health, lose weight and get fit  - the simple way.


 December 2010
 October 2011
October 2011
March 2012
April 2012




Bust at


4cm above BB


10cm below


30cm above kneecap

20cm above


10cm above


Widest bum


Oct 28






L 60.5

R 62.5

L 56

R 57

L 47

R 49


L 36


Feb 14
















Apr 5






L 52.5

R 53

L 48

R 50.5

L 41

R 42


L 30.5

R 29.5



 October 2011 77.1kg


 March 2012 67kg

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