KISS 10 Week Program
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Live long, Stay Strong

K2: Taking your health, fitness & life to the next level

The K2 program is specifically designed to follow the K1 program and will assist you in continued weight loss whilst beginning to tone and sculpt your body to its best shape yet.

With an emphasis on education, the program gives you the tools to maintain your weight even with the occasional slip and teaches you to navigate life’s hurdles without turning to food. By understanding the difference between muscle and fat and how the body uses both to stay lean, you can achieve your desired weight and shape and keep it.

We will continue to focus on essential nutrition coupled with holistic health principals that give you the understanding of how to fuel YOUR body. Based on your own personal levels of activity and lifestyle, you will find food guides to ensure you are always giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive, creating an environment of optimum health ready to burn fat and energise you.

And to maximise your efforts there is a new program of fat-burning workouts, that you can do anywhere, anytime to increase the intensity of your program and boost metabolism so your body becomes a 24/7 fat burning machine!

So now you know how simple it is to get amazing results (like in K1), I invite you to join me for another 10 weeks as I explore and explain the importance of muscle and how it is the secret to taking your body and life to its healthiest version yet!

See you there.

10 Week running program

If you really want to kiss your old self goodbye and you love running, then the 10 week walk/run challenge will provide the chance to achieve great results. There are 2 options – running either ‘distance only’ or ‘distance against the clock’, depending on your personal goal.

There are also 2 ways to train – long slow distance running or interval training – each one producing different results. Or you can design your own combination!

You’ll keep a running log to keep you motivated that will show you just how much you’ve improved each week and you’ll see your efforts slowly build up over the 10 weeks.

As with any program, the secret of success is that it easily fits into your lifestyle and is fun. One of the best things about running is it’s free, can be done anywhere and produces amazing results!


Anatomy – How your body works

Taking you from novice to self-empowered guru I will begin to share the basics of the body - interesting, simple to understand explanations of how your body works and how to make it work better for you. Topics like understanding the importance of digestion, why blood gets sticky and what it means, how your hormones affect everything you do and how to lose belly fat by fixing what’s happening inside!

Unfortunately, times have changed and often, we rely on and are looking for quick fixes. As a nation, with close to 70% of the population overweight or obese, we are slowly killing ourselves. There are many preventative measures we can take on a daily basis that can add up to make a great difference to the way we live, think and act.

Over the next 10 weeks I will explain the basics of human anatomy, and after understanding it, hopefully, you will take better care of the only body you have.

Every thing you do, every thing you eat, affects every organ of your body. The body is so amazing, believe it or not, it can actually heal itself.

Read more about how in KiSS2.


I’ll help you stay focused, become motivated and learn why self-care is the answer to everything including happiness, through 10 weeks of empowerment designed to transform your mind and your body!

If you have followed KiSS1 and lost weight, you have two choices. You already have all the tools you need to maintain where you are, so you can now either take what you’ve learned and keep going on your own, or if you’re ready to accelerate your results and jump to the next level, you can join me for K2.

As I said, you already have the tools you need to continue so maybe before you decide your next step, it’s important to take a moment and ask yourself WHERE AM I GOING? or WHAT DOES THE BEST VERSION OF ME LOOK AND FEEL LIKE?

Life is a journey - an exciting ride and adventure to be grabbed with both hands.

If you are ready to really live your life and make the most of every moment, I am here to walk it with you because I KNOW that you have what it takes to live your dreams and to have the body you desire!

Keep smiling and always remember when you give life your best, the best always comes back to you!

Lisa xx

“The trick to building muscle is to stress the muscle,
allow it to recover while eating healthy food and then repeat daily!
The trick to burning fat is to build muscle.”


Want to burn more calories in the same amount of time?

Your body is very clever, when it gets accustomed to something, it feels comfortable and likes it there in the comfort zone. But real results happen outside the comfort zone, so we have to let the body know we’re not done yet!! So we’re going to step it up, make some changes and add more resistance. 

K2 will supercharge your workouts to have you burning more calories than ever before in the same time! Focusing on core strength and muscle building activities, I will show you how to surpass weight loss plateaus, help you find your flat stomach (which is actually already there), and take your body from burning fat for an hour a day to being a highly tuned machine that will burn fat all day long – even when you are asleep.

As with the K1 program, all workouts can be done at home with minimal fuss – making it even easier to make your health and fitness a daily habit!

You will have an increase in intensity, duration and load to help maintain and boost your metabolism to continue building your body into a fat burning machine with 4 training sessions a week using your toys! Medicine balls, dumbbells, a fit ball and skipping rope.
If you are a member of a gym, you can complete these sessions using their equipment.

You will also get access to a new 10 week run program, plus a stretching, strengthening and yoga guide to enhance your workouts and reward your body!



If you have completed KiSS 1, you will already be armed with the knowledge and resources you learned during your first 10 weeks of great healthy meals, guides and ideas to make your new healthy lifestyle a habit!

Everyone has different lifestyles, and so how you live each day is to be designed by you.

Some days will be more active than others, so your eating plan should reflect that.  If you know you have a big party on the weekend, then you can choose the light eating plan leading into the party, have a lovely night, then follow up with another light day.

If you’re sick or injured, you can choose the detox / cleansing / light day to help heal you.

If you’re very active, are training for an event, you’re a male, teenager or laborer, then you need to eat more to accommodate your energy needs.

K2 shows you how to eat everything you love and continue to burn fat.

Yes that’s right! We’ll be adding in some of those old favourites including pasta, rice, alcohol, treats, and chocolate.... Also you’ll have access to the LIGHT meal menu – the only guide you will ever need to gain control after a holiday break or big weekend!

In week 5 and 6 you will learn some of the secrets behind the hot bodies of sports models, bikini models and competitive sculpting participants.

Get your FREE trial plan now and finally know the real secrets behind the hot bodies of sports models, bikini models and competitive sculpting participants.


Why Kiss?

Why you should choose the 10 week KiSS Program and KiSS your old self goodbye.

KiSS Program
Duration 10 weeks
Total Cost $149
Start Time Start when YOU choose, start when YOU’RE ready. No pressure to start on a certain date.
Lifetime Access
Your KiSS Club membership never expires. Once you have paid for the program it is yours forever! View meal plans and exercise plans whenever you like! Going on holidays? Had a few false starts? Been sick? No problem, start back at week 1 whenever you choose.
Meal Plans Healthy affordable meals for families. Ingredients you can buy from the supermarket. All real simple food, nothing tricky. All meals are for 1 person, so easy to plan for more than 1. Easy to be organized and plan.
Exercise Workout 4 times a week.  No need to join a gym. New equipment required. Dumbbells, medicine balls, a fitball and skipping rope and you’re good to go. Exercise from your own home. Great for parents, time poor busy people.  Exercise at YOUR level. 
Sustainability This is a program that is challenging and teaches you to “eat to train”.  It is achievable, sustainable and an affordable lifestyle rather than a 10 week program. You will gain more skills, healthy habits and great information that will help you for life. Repeat the same 10 weeks whenever you choose. Option to continue to KiSS 3, or KiSS Swim, which are all progressions from KiSS 1 and KiSS 2.
Support Talk to Lisa directly through email or Facebook. All health related questions are answered by Lisa, not an anonymous faceless person.

Technical questions are answered by Jordie from our online team.
Bootcamps with Lisa Follow Lisa as she travels Australia and join in one of her motivational and weight loss seminars and workouts. Personal attention and one on one contact.

Inspirational Stories

"I had lost 11kg by week 6, it works guys. You can give yourself all the excuses in world why not to start leading up to this time of the year...." Read More
A. Martin Lost 11kg
"I just have to share some exciting news with you and maybe you can use it on the website if you decide to put my testimonial up there...." Read More
"Over 4 months, I have lost 11kg, and I have YOU Lisa Curry, to thank for helping me through the last 10 weeks. It's gotten my eating pattens and habits back on track, and I can honestly say, I don't miss my pasta's or cheeses at all. Thank you! Best program I have seen yet!

..." Read More
Hayley F. Lost 11kg

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