KISS 10 Week Program

Quote Quote Quote Quote Hi gang, I have just finished week 3, I have lost a bit over 5kgs and am in an old pair of jeans today that are not too tight. Amazing!! Soon I hope they will be falling down around my ankles and will be getting into my old old jeans :). I feel brighter, happier and as though I actually have purpose and a clear goal. I.. Read More

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About K1

A ten-week progressive program, the KISS formula works on the fundamental knowledge that small steps over a consistent period will produce results. As a medal-winning athlete I learnt early on that success was simply the culmination of small achievements I made everyday. It was the habits that I formed that allowed me to achieve as an athlete and later in life as mother and business woman.

Now it is my goal to share the simple truths about health, fitness and habits with you - busy men and women who have a desire to be the best version of themselves and take back control of their health and happiness.

The program was born out of years of research and observation as an athlete, a mother, coach, personal trainer and defibrillator recipient. I have only included the most transformative information that when applied will give you amazing results in the quickest time possible.

Each week for 10 weeks, you will receive customised nutrition plans, exercise plans that are both fun and guaranteed to burn stubborn fat for good and other support tools to ensure you are on track and motivated.

The KISS program is not a fad nor is it a miracle cure, it is a proven system that is designed from over 40 years experience to create sustainable long-term change, giving you the confidence in yourself and your ability to tackle any challenge and achieve any dream.

    What you can expect

  • Weekly shopping lists and meal plans
  • Weekly exercise programs and instructional videos
  • Weekly motivational support videos from Lisa
  • Support tools and resources designed to maximise results
  • Increased energy, happiness and overwhelming feelings of self-love and respect
KiSS Participants
A sample workout


Quote Quote Quote Quote I have to get some new pants for sure. I've lost 10.5 kilos now into week 7 now weighing 91kg and loving it. I have stuck to your plan, haven't found it hard and good variety of meals. Do your 3 days of exercises plus one extra night with a personal training group. Have also been out for dinner for 2 birthdays includin.. Read More

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Exercise and movement are essential to any healthy lifestyle, however there is no reason it needs to be complicated and difficult. With an exercise program to suit any taste and any fitness level, I will guide you week by week from the fundamental foundations through to fat-stripping activities that will have you feeling stronger and looking fabulous. You will receive a new exercise program every week with instructional guide and the motivational support you need to persist and prosper. I have included exercises you can do with your family and friends, or why not start a neighbourhood KiSS Club training group! It keeps workouts fun and social. Each week you will get better, and feel fitter and stronger.
  • Work at you own pace
  • No gym necessary
  • Create a body you love
  • Only 3 sessions per week, making exercising sustainable and consistent
  • Understand the fundamentals - small steps that make a big difference
  • Fitness for the family - activities to do together everyday
  • Each week get better and better and feel more energised
A Sample Eating Plan


Keeping It Simple is the KISS motto and it is our priority when it comes to food. With a variety of meal options suitable for the whole family, the KISS nutrition program is simple, fuss-free and family friendly.  All of the meals are designed with you in mind and because of this reason, I have guaranteed that all of the recommended meals and recipes have ingredients that are readily available and are easy to prepare.
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Budget friendly, feed your whole family
  • No complicated ingredients - find everything at your grocery store
  • No tricky recipes
A Sample Eating Plan A Sample Shopping List

Why Kiss?

Why you should choose the 10 week KiSS Program and KiSS your old self goodbye.

KiSS Program
Duration 10 weeks
Total Cost $149
Start Time Start when YOU choose, start when YOU’RE ready. No pressure to start on a certain date.
Lifetime Access Your KiSS Club membership never expires. Once you have fully paid for the program it is yours forever! View meal plans and exercise plans whenever you like! Going on holidays? Had a few false starts? Been sick? No problem, start back at week 1 whenever you choose.
Meal Plans Healthy affordable meals for families. Ingredients you can buy from the supermarket. All real simple food, nothing tricky. All meals are for 1 person, so easy to plan for more than 1. Easy to be organized and plan.
Exercise Exercise 3 times a week.  No need to join a gym. No equipment required. Exercise from your own home. Great for parents, time poor busy people. Even without the exercise, you can still lose weight.
Exercise at YOUR level.
Sustainability This is a program that is more about choosing better options that are available every day. It becomes an achievable, sustainable and affordable lifestyle rather than a 10 week program. You will gain skills, habits and information that will help you for life. Repeat the same 10 weeks whenever you choose. Option to continue to KiSS 2, KiSS 3, or KiSS Swim , which are all progressions from KiSS 1.
Support Talk to Lisa directly through email or Facebook. All health related questions are answered by Lisa, not an anonymous faceless person.

Technical questions are answered by Jordie from our online team.
Bootcamps with Lisa Follow Lisa as she travels Australia and join in one of her motivational and weight loss seminars and workouts. Personal attention and one on one contact.

Inspirational Stories

"Finished week 2 & just had to weigh myself as I noticed a change in the pants and up a knoch (or is it down..?) on my belt.. 2.2kg's GONE & they're NOT coming back...!!! ..." Read More
Cheryl G. Lost
"Wow! I've just started week 7 and feeling great! I lost 4kg by week 5, hadn't weighed or measured since week 1 up until then, so got a nice surprise to see 4kg had gone and a whopping 65.5cm...." Read More
Annette S Lost
"Just a quick thank you for your KISS Swim program. Just finished the third session for
week 4. I hadn't weighed myself since I started (I was 81kg). I've lost 7 whopping kilos by swimming planned sessions three times a week and keeping my meals at fresh healthy regular meals, and wine only one night a week !! ..." Read More
Margot Lost 7kg

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